Zapable Agency Evaluation and Bonus
  • Require Receipt: AICoaches
    Require Receipt: AICoaches
    AICoaches is a new AI chatbot avatar customization suite that lets you clone yourself or any expert into an AI avatar chatbot with customized knowledge & personality. It can be used to educate your audience, generate leads, provide support, and coach your clients 24-7. Notes: Because this is a high value software, only accessible if you buy Front end + at least one upsell or high pricing products to gain access to this bonus.
    Value: $147
  • Required Receipt: AI Beam
    Required Receipt: AI Beam
    The online learning industry is valued at $95.4 BILLION. AI Beam is an AI app that allows you to create “Online Learning” Hubs and fill it with hundreds of high-quality courses. You can generate mini-courses effortlessly using AI prompts, craft custom courses from scratch, build courses from content templates and suggestions. You can upload course images, use image URLs, or generate images with AI, create a custom theme for the course view, secure content for paying subscribers, set prices and collect payments for your courses, grow your email list from course subscribers, transform courses into engaging videos instantly. You will have the Front - end license for Ai Beam software, and, you get account upgraded into higher license if you buy additional products or you buy upsells from me.
    Value: $97
  • Required Receipt: 300 Dollar Day
    Required Receipt: 300 Dollar Day
    The step by step system that gives you the tools and the training needed to go from zero to earning $300 per day as an affiliate marketer. Created by one of the top 1% affiliate marketers on the JVZoo platform. Noted: you have software including a lifetime autoresponder software and bonus page builder
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: AI Images Pro
    Required Receipt: AI Images Pro
    AI Image Pro is a cloud based image creation software that uses text to imaging artificial intelligence (A.I.) to create images for you. This software does not search existing images, it creates new, unique images for you based on your description and selected artistic style. With AI image pro you can create any image you can imagine in a variety of styles.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: AI Funnels
    Required Receipt: AI Funnels
    Gain access to AIFunnels, a powerful software bonus exclusively available to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With AIFunnels, effortlessly launch profitable funnels customized for lead generation, product/service sales, or business branding, thanks to our AI-powered funnel builder. Maximize profits with tailored funnels for any niche or business, eliminating the stress of copywriting as the AI brain handles the heavy lifting. Enjoy your own page builder without server costs or outsourcing needs, accelerating the start of any online venture, whether it's lead generation, info products, e-commerce, high-ticket agencies, webinars, or affiliate offers, with instant access to over 100+ pre-designed templates for quick and effective results.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: AI Store Maker
    Required Receipt: AI Store Maker
    Aistoremaker is a First-TO-MARKET Brand New AI-Powered Fashion Store Builder That Helps Users To Quickly Create DFY Profits-Pulling High Value Fashion Affiliate STORE With Two Million Best Selling Fashion Products From The Number One Ecom Affiliate Network In The World, Amazon.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Animaze
    Required Receipt: Animaze
    Software allows you to make 3D Style video campaign. It comes with Text to Speech and tons of characters templates, background templates. If you buy upgrade, you will get direct access to Deluxe version. To gain access, please submit an email with your receipt.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: ConvergeAI
    Required Receipt: ConvergeAI
    The online learning market is huge and worth billions of dollars. ConvergeAI is an AI-powered app that can create and sell courses for you in any niche. ConvergeAI does everything for you, from research to marketing. You don't need any technical skills to use ConvergeAI. ConvergeAI comes with a built-in traffic generation feature that will drive thousands of hungry buyers to your courses. You can collect payments directly from your customers via Paypal, Stripe, or direct credit card. By default, you have the front end account license, and, you get account upgraded if you buy Upsells or Bundle offer from me. Or, if you get this account as a bonus from other product, you get account upgraded too.
    Value: $67
  • Required Receipt: EazyDocsAI
    Required Receipt: EazyDocsAI
    Gain exclusive access to EazyDocsAI, a game-changing software bonus available only to those who present proof of purchase through my referral link. With EazyDocsAI, users unlock a suite of benefits, including the confidence to raise prices, boost front-end sales, maintain relevance in the market, effortlessly create personalized professional documents, and ensure compliance and legal protection for their businesses. Harnessing AI technology, EazyDocsAI crafts personalized, lawyer-grade critical business documents, while also offering a marketplace for the buying and selling of custom documents. This innovative solution addresses the common challenge of businesses appearing unprofessional and untrustworthy by providing professionally designed and legally protected documents, thereby enhancing trust and conversion rates. With success stories from beta testers avoiding potential lawsuits and agency clients generating consistent revenue through the sale of academic-grade documents, EazyDocsAI stands as a vital tool for businesses seeking efficiency, professionalism, and legal security.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Human Avataars AI
    Required Receipt: Human Avataars AI
    Gain exclusive access to Human Avataars AI, an innovative software bonus available only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With Human Avataars AI, effortlessly create image-to-pro video content within seconds, eliminating the need for microphones, cameras, studios, or actors. Utilize over 30 multi-ethnicity avatars and characters speaking in 37+ languages, including your own personal image to generate AI videos. From crafting viral celebrity talking AI videos to producing AI text-to-2D/3D animated videos, this platform offers limitless creative possibilities. Transform keywords into video scripts, employ text-to-speech technology with 100+ voices, and seamlessly post unlimited videos on YouTube and Instagram to drive 10x more traffic, sales, followers, and engagement. Moreover, enjoy a commercial license enabling you to resell AI face videos for substantial profits, along with a complimentary video editor for added convenience.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Ividz
    Required Receipt: Ividz
    iVidz is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that lets anyone ... regardless of skill or experience, maximize video engagement & conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible. Please shoot an email with your receipt to access this bonus.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Linkomatic Reloaded
    Required Receipt: Linkomatic Reloaded
    With LinkoMatic, you can get fresh, qualified LinkedIn leads every day. LinkoMatic can help you grow your sales pipeline faster and accelerate business growth. LinkoMatic is a great way to network with prospects, scale your outreach, drive more leads, and free up your time. Currently, you will have the Front end account license, i will upgrade from OTO 1 to OTO 8 or Bundle depending on the product you purchase (like FE + OTO 1) or Bundle version. If you already had an account, i can upgrade additional licenses.
    Value: $67
  • Required Receipt: LocalCentric
    Required Receipt: LocalCentric
    Unlock exclusive access to LocalCentric, a dynamic software bonus available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. LocalCentric serves as a comprehensive local business brand management and lead generation platform
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: NeoCast
    Required Receipt: NeoCast
    Gain exclusive access to Neocast, a groundbreaking software bonus accessible only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. Neocast revolutionizes the landscape as the world's first AI app, enabling users to own a TV channel with the potential to reach millions of viewers effortlessly. With its intuitive 1-click TV-channel creator, DFY 24/7 feed, built-in viewer generator, and seamless AR integration, Neocast streamlines the process of channel ownership. Forget the complexities of streaming technology; Neocast simplifies branding, audience selection, embedding, and responsive opt-in forms with just a click. Plus, it offers built-in PayPal and payment processing, along with the ability to host on FireTV and Roku TV instantly. Moreover, Neocast provides DFY "HighTicket" offers and sponsorship opportunities, ensuring instant monetization and comprehensive support for channel owners.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Ozivi
    Required Receipt: Ozivi
    Experience The Most ADVANCED Video Technology In The World That Turns Videos Into Interactive Video Experiences Automatically send personalized videos to new leads, signups, or inquiries through integration with your CRM 'Effortlessly record and send personalized videos to ensure each new lead feels valued and recognized. 'With Ozivi video messaging, you can easily build a loyal customer base. Utilize this customer satisfaction by gathering video and text testimonials with Ozivi’s Testimonials feature.
    Value: $67
  • Required Receipt: QR Dominator
    Required Receipt: QR Dominator
    Unlock exclusive access to QR Dominator, a groundbreaking software bonus available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. QR Dominator redefines QR code building with its innovative features, enabling users to effortlessly "Create, Share, And Profit" from 23 types of QR codes in 60 seconds or less. With QR Dominator, users can seamlessly create, edit, and manage QR codes with just a few clicks, choose from over 23 different types of QR codes, preview them in real-time, and download them in PNG or SVG formats. Additionally, QR Dominator offers comprehensive analytics on QR code campaigns, facilitating informed decision-making. Users can further amplify their reach by sharing QR codes on popular platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or via URL, driving free viral traffic and maximizing their marketing efforts.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: SnappyRanker AI
    Required Receipt: SnappyRanker AI
    SnappyRanker Is A Ground-Breaking AI App that Leverages Google to Generate Rankable-Pages That Hits The First Page Of Google Over ‘N Over… In Over 350+ Red Hot Niches… Without Doing SEO Or Building Backlinks! By default, you have the front end account license, and, you get account upgraded if you buy Upsells or Bundle offer from me. Or, if you get this account as a bonus from other product, you get account upgraded too.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Socilinks
    Required Receipt: Socilinks
    Gain exclusive access to Socilinks, an all-in-one biolink technology software bonus, accessible only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. Socilinks revolutionizes social media bios, transforming them into interactive lead generation and selling machines with just a single click. This beginner-friendly bio link app simplifies the process of capturing valuable leads from multiple social media networks, allowing users to request feedback from followers and fans directly from their bio link. Moreover, Socilinks empowers users to sell products, create membership sites, and offer gated content unlockable through opt-ins or payments, all without any coding required. With the ability to add content previews, rich media, and embeds, Socilinks ensures bio links stand out and attract more clicks. Users can also collect donations from social followers and supercharge their own bio links or offer Socilinks as a high-ticket service to businesses, charging recurring fees and setup fees ranging from $500 to $1,000+. Additionally, Socilinks includes an agency license and client-finder app for free, enabling users to effortlessly land high-paying clients without cold calling or hard selling tactics.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: VidStream Pro
    Required Receipt: VidStream Pro
    Gain exclusive access to VidStream Pro, the ultimate HD/4K/360 video hosting app with personalized landing pages and robust piracy protection, available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple apps for video creation and publishing, as VidStream Pro simplifies the process while offering cost-effective solutions. Because this is a high value software, bonuses are only accessible if you buy Front end + at least one of the upsell or high price products.
    Value: $147
  • Required Receipt: Talking Humans AI
    Required Receipt: Talking Humans AI
    This plattform can generate avatar for you, generate content script using the latest ChatGPT-4 technology, generate text to speech voiceover and most important, create a natural human avatar video powered by A.I Engine. Stop paying monthly fee, get this instead.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Tube Dominator
    Required Receipt: Tube Dominator
    Gain exclusive access to TubeDominator, an innovative A.I. technology software bonus, available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. TubeDominator revolutionizes YouTube ranking and traffic generation by utilizing cutting-edge A.I. algorithms to research video ideas, generate data-driven scripts, create videos, and optimize them for SEO seamlessly. With TubeDominator, even novices in video marketing can easily rank for any keyword or niche using safe and whitehat SEO solutions. Unlock the FE license for this powerful software, and for existing users, an account upgrade is available upon purchase. Additionally, for those acquiring both FE and upsells, TubeDominator grants access to both FE and upsell features, ensuring comprehensive support for maximizing YouTube success.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: VideoZ AI with Reseller
    Required Receipt: VideoZ AI with Reseller
    Gain exclusive access to VideoZ AI, a revolutionary software bonus available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With VideoZ AI, you can resell a cutting-edge software featuring ChatGPT4 powered AI content and video creation capabilities, along with over 1,000 DFY high-quality templates for effortless creation. Create scroll-stopping videos for social media, generate sales copy, blog posts, articles, and swipes, all with built-in premium music tracks and the ability to create high-converting ads and 3D ads. Transform any content into captivating videos with AI-based background removal and access over 3 million searchable stocks. Seamlessly create Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp stories, empowering you to start your own marketing agency and set your own price for this invaluable tool.
    Value: $97
  • Required Receipt: VoiceFusion AI
    Required Receipt: VoiceFusion AI
    Gain exclusive access to VoiceFusion AI, a cutting-edge software bonus available only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. Powered by the latest versions of IBM's Watson and ChaGPT4, VoiceFusion AI offers advanced features such as GPT4 powered content generation, real human and emotion-based voiceovers, and audiobook creation. With over 100 real voices and 50+ languages to choose from, along with DFY 1 million articles with full PLR license, users can effortlessly create unlimited VSLs, sales copies, emails, ads copy, and more. Transform robotic voices into lifelike emotion-based voices, ensuring captivating content every time.
    Value: $47
  • Required Receipt: Compare Shop
    Required Receipt: Compare Shop
    Gain access to CompareShop, an exclusive software bonus for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Walmart affiliate marketing, available only to those who provide proof of purchase through my link. Create unlimited compare shops with products, videos, and affiliate links effortlessly, fostering loyal customer bases through unmatched price comparisons and premium designs. Sell products from top e-commerce giants, utilize self-updating AI, and enhance SEO capabilities for organic traffic. Enjoy social viral traffic generation, YouTube video integration, and content spinning for better SERP rankings. With mobile-friendly design, global targeting, and wishlist functionality, CompareShop streamlines affiliate marketing without the need for domains or complicated setups, ensuring maximum profitability and convenience.
    Value: $47
  • Premium Bonus: TrendsHunter AI
    Premium Bonus: TrendsHunter AI
    Unlock access to TrendsHunter AI, an exclusive software bonus available solely to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With TrendsHunter AI, effortlessly create unlimited self-updating SEO optimized sites
    Value: $47
  • Premium Bonus: Ninja AI
    Premium Bonus: Ninja AI
    Unlock NinjaAI, an exclusive software bonus accessible only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With NinjaAI, effortlessly create stunning affiliate funnel sites using AI, build unlimited highly converting marketing funnels, and generate affiliate sales hands-free. Powered by ChatGPT 4, NinjaAI publishes 100% original, SEO-friendly content and generates graphic images and videos for your affiliate funnel sites. Enjoy set-and-forget traffic and sales, seamless autoresponder integration, and a commercial license included for unlimited client services. NinjaAI is fully user-friendly with no grunt work required.
    Value: $47
  • Premium Bonus: Goofy Shorts AI
    Premium Bonus: Goofy Shorts AI
    Gain access to Goofy ShortAI, an exclusive software bonus available only to those who provide proof of purchase through my referral link. With Goofy ShortAI, effortlessly create attention-sucking videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok using AI, without any extra work. Generate AI voiceovers, scripts, and research viral trends seamlessly. Monetize your videos with DFY high-ticket offers and maximize reach with AI-generated hashtags. Translate videos into over 50 languages, breaking language barriers and reaching billions of viewers worldwide. Experience the ease of AI-powered video creation with Goofy ShortAI's automated features and deep analysis.
    Value: $47
  • Premium Bonus: InboxSumo AI
    Premium Bonus: InboxSumo AI
    InboxSumoAI is the World's First DFY AI Email Marketing Solution That Easily Build & Optimize Unlimited Leads + Strong Dedicated IP For Higher Inboxing.
    Value: $37
  • Premium Bonus: Clever AI
    Premium Bonus: Clever AI
    Unlock access to CleverAI, an exclusive bonus available for purchase through my referral link. With CleverAI, effortlessly turn your commands into multi-model AI content, generate full ultra HD AI graphics in any niche, and create SEO content tailored to your needs. Generate Android and iOS code, ensuring compatibility across platforms, and produce the highest quality AI content with automated grammar and punctuation checks. Start your own marketing agency and even generate and sell your own chatbot app with CleverAI. Experience the power of AI-driven content creation and take your projects to the next level with CleverAI.
    Value: $37

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